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        "Build quality, create value" is the pursuit of Qingben life. In order to achieve the ideal, hardware and software company of grasping, in terms of hardware, the introduction of foreign advanced processing center, to ensure that the assembly precision of the shell, using automatic spraying lines, to ensure the appearance performance, laying the foundation for our firm and strong. In terms of software, the introduction of domestic and foreign companies, professional and technical experts, vigorously develop excellent have volunteer staff, professional technical knowledge and training to all employees, to enhance the overall quality of the staff of professional and technical knowledge and comprehensive quality, become the source of our continuous innovation and development. "6S" of the quality management system to carry out the operation, and build our advanced management model. Continuous improvement of hardware and software, the spirit of the team, will drive the Qingben all employees to the top of the career!


        1.National high and new technology enterprise



        2.Japan Seiki horizontal machining center



        3.processing center







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