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In May 2004 the establishment of the cause of the history of the beginning of the struggle.

August 2004 officially approved by the industrial and commercial sector business license.

In December 2004, the company received the Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "Shou contract re credit unit" title

In April 2005, the first "qingben" brand QB008 multi pin machine came out.

September 2005 for the first time to participate in the Shanghai CISMA exhibition open.

Zhejiang green this sewing machine Co., Ltd., March 2006"

October 2006 through the EU "CE" certification.

June 2007 "qingben" brand QB-M888 series ultra high speed sewing machine officially put into production.

In December 2007 the introduction of Japan's 12 Mori Seiki horizontal machining center.

In January 2008 the company moved into the new plant, fully invested in production.

Development of 33 pin special type machine in February 2008

May 2008 33 successful machine development, announced the advent of the market, and widely popular

August 2008 Green Book visit to Turkey

The development of automatic thread cutting machine in September 2008

In December 2008, the development of automatic thread cutting machine with the patent of the green book was successfully developed.

March 2009 green book to participate in Brazil international garment machinery and components trade fair (FEIMACO 2009)

In April 2009, the youth participated in the German national garment production technology and textile processing Exposition (IMB 2009)

In May 2009 QB74, QB73 crank arm type sewing, QB2700 horizontal stretch sewing machine development

June 2009 Green Book visit to Vietnam

July 2009 green book to participate in the tenth Bangladesh international textile and Garment Machinery Exhibition (TEXTECH2009)

September 2009 CISMA 2009 China Shanghai International Sewing equipment exhibition, QB84, QB83, QB2700 debut

October 2009 blue book to participate in the PERU EXPOTEXTIL third 2009 Peru international textile and Garment Industrial Technology Exhibition

November 2009 blue book to participate in the VTG ninth 2009 Vietnam International Textile and garment industry exhibition (Vietnam Hu Zhiming city)

In November 2009, the company won the "Taizhou high and new technology enterprise" awarded by the Taizhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

In 2010, the company became the Zhejiang Province, "blue action" informatization benchmarking enterprises

In April 2010 the company won the 2009 annual Taizhou green city "ten growing small and medium sized enterprises" title

May 2010 direct drive automatic cutting line full function of the sewing machine M888 officially put into production

October 2010 7200 line micro oil direct drive computer flat sewing machine officially put into production

January 2011 green book to participate in the India sewing machine exhibition JMT

From April 2011 this year, the company set up a free restaurant for all staff to provide free lunch, dinner

In June 2011, the company was awarded the "most growth potential of small and medium enterprises" award in Taizhou city in 2010.

In June 2011, the company became the "industrial sewing machine sewing machine head industry standards," the main drafting unit

July 2011 multi pin chain sewing machine, crank chain stitch sewing machine industry standards will be held in the company

In August 2011, the company held an adult high school learning class, and provide high school graduation certificate

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