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        Green of the company's growth, is inseparable from every green himself hard and pay, green of the company's growth, is inseparable from the concern at all levels of government departments, industry leaders, partners, friends from all walks of life support, here, to them, I offer my heartfelt thanks.

        Green the company after four years of ups and downs, from single multi needle machine series, several species develop to today packet seam, stretch sewing, needle, special and other four series of nearly 60 varieties, the introduction of Japan's Mori Seiki machining center more than a dozen, chi to do fine and stronger knitting series become leader in today's knitting series.

        From the start so far, we always adhere to the "innovative achievements in the future" the core concept of the enterprise, increase the input of new product development resources, continue to attract talent, to learn foreign advanced science and technology, so as to ensure that the products of popular with the world synchronization; to "green sewing tip, the quality first" product concept stringent requirements of every employee, a good grasp of every process, every process to ensure product quality, implementation of "high-tech, high-quality products and first-class service" to meet the needs of the vast number of consumers. In the human resources strategy, we always adhere to the "fair competition, merit, post their positions, their strategy", respect science, respect for talent, to create a good platform for development, and vigorously promote the construction of enterprise culture, and guide enterprises to develop advanced enterprise culture, and lead to social responsibility, the training of the staff dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, improve employee's team spirit and cohesion; in the marketing strategy, we always adhere to the "honesty, credibility -" the spirit of cooperation, to provide "active, quick and considerate, satisfactory" customer service service, to create "the best business platform for dealers, make it become my long-term partner the company's most loyal. Practice has proved our strategy is successful, green the company from scratch, from small to large, not only the formation of the good foundation for the market and customer groups, forge the youth of this brand, and constantly improve the company's comprehensive economic strength, according to the company's long-term planning step by step towards our common ideals forward.

        Accomplishments of yesterday has become history, today's efforts for tomorrow's brilliant cornerstone, I firmly believe that: under the strong support of all sectors of the community, friends, under the joint efforts of all staff, green the company's tomorrow will better, more brilliant.

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